In June of 2012, my wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to coach speakers for TEDxYouth@Seattle.

We all know TED.  A TEDx event is licensed by TED, but is “fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis”.

TEDxYouth@Seattle speakers were all current or recently graduated university students.  These kids are already gifted, and by no means did we fully make them what they are, but it was a special joy to work with them for that little extra polish.  Yes, we’re in that picture, but you’ll have to guess where.  Here are a few talks that make me proud.

Sydney Gordon, a Biochemistry undergraduate, explains how technologies involving large communities can be used to solve scientific problems:

Houston Kraft illustrates how even small actions can be transformed into agents of social change, and yes, I danced:

Umaimah Mendhro, who grew up in Akri, Pakistan, describes how small acts can bring large changes to our local and global communities:

Thank you Kimberly, Michael, and Jessica for a very rewarding opportunity.  And I’ll see you at TEDxRainier: