Why Papayaworks?

It’s getting hard to find an available domain that is easy to remember and easy to spell.  And in the right font, the letters in “papaya” have a pleasant, repeating circular pattern.

Oh, why the endeavor ?

It’s a convergence of various talents and interests.  I do a lot of public speaking and training in my other field of expertise.  I’ve experimented with and perfected a number of techniques in my visuals that support, nay propel, my spoken word.  This has naturally led to developing computer-based elearning and, just for fun, web video.

Through it all, people have gravitated toward my style and skill.  After talks, people want to know how I do my visuals, what software I use.  (PowerPoint doesn’t kill people; people using PowerPoint badly kills people.)  I’ve become a go-to guy here, and in elearning and voice narration.  As I’m being sought out for help anyway, people suggested I make these soft skills my core competency.

So here we are.  Welcome.  Enjoy.